About Jemini Response


Staff are trained in “Gentle Teaching” methods. These are centred around re-focusing and re-directing negative behaviours, praising positive behaviour, setting and holding boundaries, and building relationships with the young adults based on trust and respect, with care coming from the heart, as well as the Head. Behavioural patterns are recorded and charted. Functional analysis is undertaken in order that challenging behaviours may be interpreted successfully and avoided wherever possible; whilst acknowledging and responding to anything being communicated by the behaviour, we then encourage more appropriate ways of communicating frustrations.


Individuals with limited verbal communication skills are encouraged to express their needs and wishes using “P.E.C.S.” symbols, photographs, electronic voice aids and Makaton. We work closely with schools and the local speech therapy service on these matters.


We use the local community to its fullest potential and encourage the use of public transport, shops, restaurants, sports facilities, libraries and youth clubs. We encourage the use of the town centre, with its many attractions. Individuals are encouraged to be as independent as possible, whilst ensuring adequate support to provide both physical and emotional safety.


The aim of Jemini Response is to provide an individual care package for each young adult that meets their holistic needs within a small, homely community-based environment. After an initial assessment period, each individual will have a structured daily education and activity program developed in order that a safe, secure and predictable routine can be established. Within their routines individuals will be encouraged to make choices and will be supported to be as independent as is safely possible. We encourage self-expression and relaxation and use music, sensory equipment, reflexology and aromatherapy to enable this.

Health and religious needs will be met using local community facilities and individual care plans will be written and updated regularly.

Key worker reports will be sent to care managers and parents.

Consistency of approach from support staff is of utmost importance and this is achieved through a rigorous induction and training programme.