Reiki Healers

Reiki healing refers to a healing technique that originated from Japan in the late 1800s. It is used to reduce stress and for relaxing purposes. The method is also useful in healing purposes. It is also known to develop a person’s spiritual and mental wellbeing Reiki healers involves using names such as raking the aura, smoothing raking, and clearing, smoothing, beaming, exhausting harmful energies and infusing. It is carried out by laying on the hands where it is based on the belief that “life force energy” flows over us and is why we are alive. –

Reiki healers

The Reiki healing was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui, sometimes known as the Usui sensei. Dr. Usui’s history can be traced back to a wealthy Buddhist family in 1965. During this time, their well-off social class enabled Dr. Usui’s family to give him a well-rounded education. Dr. Usui acquired knowledge in a Buddhist monastery where he learned the Japanese Chi Kung, Swordsmanship, and the martial arts. Even though he received diverse educational systems, Dr. Usui’s interest mainly was in theology, psychology, and medicine. This interest drove Dr. Usui to seek a method of healing himself and his community by simply laying of hands. His desires on this method were to be attached to no religious system or beliefs; hence, it would be accessed by everyone, including those of non-Japanese culture.

During his training in the monastery, Dr.Usui attended a personal training rediscovery course on Mt. Kurama, whereby he fasted, prayed, and mediated for 21 days. On the 21st day, Dr. Usui received a spiritual awakening where he saw the ancient Sanskrit symbols, which played a vital role in the development of his form of healing, which he had been struggling to invent. It marked the beginning of Reiki healing. After the completion of his system of healing, the selfless Dr. Usui developed a clinic for healing and for also passing on his new art of healing by teaching modern masters. One of his masters was Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, who is believed to have been a retired naval officer.

The spread of Reiki Healing

The spread of Reiki is highly advocated by Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, who, after learning this art of healing, went ahead to develop a new system of Reiki by which he added the hand positions whose primary function was to help the practitioner in covering the whole body. It’s also believed that it’s Dr. Hayashi who refined the process of Attunement. Using his improved system, Dr. Hayashi also taught several Reiki masters, a woman known as Hawayo Takata.

Mrs. Takata was in Tokyo in the year 1935, and during this time, she was very ill and required a surgical operation. Her instincts strongly opposed the conduction of surgery to be healed; hence asked her doctor on the available alternatives for treating her condition. That is when she first heard of the Reiki Healing. Due to her curious nature, she decided to get an appointment with Dr. Hayashi. Upon visiting Dr. Hayashi, Mrs. Takata started acquiring the Reiki sessions daily as she found the sessions pleasant and relaxing. After her healing, she believed in the Reiki; hence this drove her to learn the Reiki one and two. Even after returning to her home in the United States, Mrs. Takata continued the practice of Reiki while healing others and spreading this new art of healing until she became a master.

Reiki Attunements

It refers to a compelling form of spiritual experience in which a person’s energy pathways are opened by a Reiki master, which allows Reiki energy to flow throughout the practitioner’s body. This process was advanced by the International Center of Reiki Training (ICRT). It’s also known to develop a person’s spiritual and mental Takata wellbeing new attunement process similar to initiatory Attunement. Still, there is a small change whereby the Reiki energy is not supposed to be opened by the practitioner. The new design is meant to increase the healing power of the practitioner and suppress any form of resistance around the client by making use of high-frequency energies, hence growing the healing efficiency.

Reiki Distant Healing

It is a technique whereby the practitioners channel their life force energy to their clients. It’s vital noting that a Reiki master who has been tuned to the second degree of Reiki can channel the energy across space to the person in need of it. Hence, for a practitioner to practice distance healing, he/she must have been tuned to Reiki’s first degree and second degree. He/she must also be acquainted with the distance healing symbols.

Reiki for Animals.

Animal Reiki refers to the practice of offering Reiki to animals, which is meant to enable humans to gain a deeper connection and understanding of animals. It involves laying hands on the animals to heal the animal from emotional problems that trigger the animal’s behavioral issues, promote the natural growth of the animals, heal the animal from psychological issues, and complement veterinary care. It’s keynoting that the Reiki treatment, which is offered to animals, is similar to the Reiki provided to human beings, but the difference arises in that the animals do not have any form of communication; hence the practitioner should let the animal take charge of the process.

Benefits of Reiki to Animals • It’s meant to improve animals’ behavior by healing the problems related to anxiety in the animal.

• It eases an animal’s transition to death whenever an animal’s physical healing proves to be impossible.

• It’s meant to promote the energetic harmony of the animal while relieving it of stress.

• It relieves diseases’ symptoms and relieves the pain, which helps in the healing process.